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“SCADA”, the system to manage the world’s largest photovoltaic plants

ACCIONA Energy is the largest global energy operator exclusively dedicated to the production of electricity from renewable sources. With this, ACCIONA responds to a social and governmental commitment to fight climate change that materializes in the need to transform the current energy model to ensure a safe, cost-competitive and environmentally friendly energy supply.

With more than 20 years of experience in the entire value chain and a long-term business model, ACCIONA Energy is today one of the global companies best positioned to materialize the agreements signed during the Paris Climate Summit, ratified so far by more than 140 parties.


ACCIONA is a leader in the development, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of renewable assets, with solid experience in the main technologies and focus on onshore wind and solar photovoltaic energy. It develops projects in property and also puts its experience in the sector to the service of third parties, through contracts EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction), and the provision of services, both of operation and maintenance (O&M), as well as of sale of energy.

ACCIONA Energy’s strategy is based on excellence in its operations, using innovation and continuous improvement as a competitive lever, and selective growth in strategic markets with greater potential and profitability, accompanied by the search for new business opportunities in other markets.

Acciona Energy
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The progress in the management and analysis of Big Data as a tool for the change and enrichment of processes is one of the pillars that sustains the success of ACCIONA, where it has developed its own solutions such as Magus (Multi Assets Global Unified SCADA) y SHARP (SCADA Historical Analysis and Reporting Platform), solutions in which Plain Concepts has had the opportunity to collaborate.


The challenge lies in building a highly scalable and secure system capable of managing all the information generated by ACCIONA from the different existing systems, offering all the necessary tools to be able to perform both real-time analyses, as a historical analysis of the information to solve key business questions.


Within the aforementioned collaborations, Plain Concepts has helped in the creation and development of solutions based on Microsoft Azure that allow to have a necessary infrastructure and tools that can meet the needs of ACCIONA Energy.
Beyond a scalable infrastructure, both open source and tailor-made solutions have been used to adapt to each scenario.


The approach based on Big Data management and analysis, and with the development of SHARP and MAGUS, where Plain Concepts has been able to participate, has allowed and minimize costs in terms of plant design, manufacturing, production, operation and maintenance.