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Dubai 360: The greatest interactive tour

Dubai Meraas, whose mission is to create a better city model for its residents and offer a great experience for its visitors, commissioned us to develop a totally innovative digital experience about the city of Dubai.

The requirements were to create a portal that would give the city high visibility and create a positive impact on its image, in addition to obtaining other benefits such as helping to promote tourism and trade.

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The Dubai Meraas company
Retail Tourism
Web Application, Visor Image 360, Azure Cloud
React-Redux, .Net Core 2.0 Rest API, Krpano third-party software, Angular 2, Identity Server 4, Azure, Application Insights, Batch Account, SQL Database, SendGrind, postcss, SASS
The goal of the project was to offer the client a tool with which to manage high-resolution panoramic photos and videos, providing an automated system for processing and uploading them, and finally, to be available to view them in a web application. All this without forgetting about the security, resource optimization, and loading time of the page, in order to provide an impeccable user experience.


The biggest challenge came from obtaining an automated process and freeing the client from the need to invest their time in 360 file processing using third party technologies. In addition, file uploads had to be optimized, since files larger than 2Gb were involved, so upload times had to be reduced and a distributed cache system had to be found that did not give users problems when surfing the web.
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Using the latest technologies, we were able to provide solutions to all the challenges we faced, such as using tools like Krpano for the automation process and Azure's services to manage the entire process of uploading, processing, storage, and final loading, achieving optimum navigation for those visiting the site and full performance for the internal management of the website.
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In a world that tends to advance by leaps and bounds towards digitalization, being able to take a virtual tour of a city, study its main buildings and monuments with a 360º view gives a very positive image as well as an added value in the promotion of tourism, culture, and trade.
This project serves as a great example of how the websites of big cities could be, especially of those who seek to appear in new markets, where the physical boundaries do not exist and are replaced with a simple click.