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Ever3: The tool to attract and retain talent in your company

“Attracting and retaining talent in companies is key in these times: Ever3 seeks to do so with maximum respect for data privacy and combining a scientific approach with all the power offered by the latest tools in artificial intelligence and Big Data.” – Raúl Alelú Paz – CEO of Ever3


The irruption of the younger generations in the labor market, the pandemic, or the war conflicts in Europe significantly impacts an increasingly fluctuating market. Ever3 is a company selected in the CaTaPull program of the CSIC, the Madrid City Council, and the Madrid Science Park to provide a solution in line with the moment of uncertainty in which we live.

Ever3 Analytics
Big Data and UX/UI
.NET, Azure SQL, Azure DevOps
It is no longer enough to analyze the work environment or the engagement of a company's employees; companies need to predict, anticipate problems, and retain and attract the best talent. From this arises this platform that integrates the latest advances in neuroscience and artificial intelligence to analyze the variables that determine the loss and attraction of talent to make the best predictions to help companies to generate small (or large) changes that turn them into actual magnets for talent.

The Challenge

Given the concern of companies to retain talent and predict the different psychological states associated with the work performance of the team in their work environment, they needed a platform to create reliable, accurate, and precise predictions to improve decision-making.

Therefore, Ever3 needed a technology partner to help them develop a scalable tool that would automate data collection, adding value to relevant information for companies.

In addition, due to the novelty of the initiative, they needed a corporate rebranding in line with the project.



The platform integrates artificial intelligence and neuroscience capabilities to model companies' internal networks, putting technology at the heart of the process to improve talent retention and understand the real motivation of workers.

Ever3 analyzes thousands of data and elaborates customized analyses of companies, improving the various aspects that influence work processes, daily operations, and people. This translates into valuable information about the internal dynamics that govern the behavior of an organization, which can be used to introduce the changes needed in each case.

On the other hand, we have given it a new brand image thanks to a modern logo adapted to a current and scalable style.



At a time of great labor uncertainty as we are now, where talent turnover is increasing, knowing the actual status of employees within your company has become essential.

A tool like this, based on artificial intelligence algorithms that determine the real satisfaction of the team, can be the key to improving their situation and getting more satisfied and happy employees with their jobs.