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Plain Concepts is accredited as a CCN-STIC Guideline Implementing Entity

The CCN has accredited us as an Implementing Entity for CCN-STIC Guides, in addition to recognizing us as an Accredited Training Entity for the Secure Configuration of Cloud Scenarios (Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365) and Implementing Entity for the Secure Configuration of Cloud Scenarios.

This is excellent recognition for Plain Concepts in cybersecurity, for which we are very grateful to the great team of professionals we have every day. In addition, it is an accreditation that only three companies in Spain have, which makes it even more special.

CCN-STIC guideline Implementing Entity

The National Cryptologic Center (CCN) is responsible for responding to information security incidents, improving Spanish cybersecurity, acting as a warning center. It helps to actively confront cyber threats to achieve safer and more reliable cyberspace.

Implementing specific solutions or services to third parties is crucial to act under particular criteria that guarantee security. Therefore, to carry out this secure configuration, it is necessary to have implementers and integrators with a deep knowledge of these solutions and the best professional team.

From this arises the CCN-STIC Guide Entities Accreditation Procedure, which guarantees that those who provide this service of integration, configuration, or basting of these systems, will do so under standards and criteria that ensure their success.

To access this accreditation, a rigorous process must be followed, which the CCN validates, taking into account strict criteria, and which so far only three companies have passed.

Secure configuration of cloud scenarios

We are at a time when ICTs play an essential role in keeping our data and information secure. To ensure the protection of the country’s economic, technological and political capacity, it is vital to stay abreast of the potential threats and vulnerabilities associated with “cyberspace.”

Thanks to our high knowledge and performance in cloud solutions, our technical capacity has been accredited for delivering training and developing secure configuration activities for cloud scenarios, both in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft O365.

Soon, we will have a new Azure region in Spain, and many organizations and public administrations are running or planning to deploy many of its services in the cloud. From Plain Concepts, together with the CCN and Microsoft, we lead this type of development to eliminate vulnerabilities and strengthen the security of all types of data hosted in the cloud.

Elena Canorea
Elena Canorea
Communications Lead