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December 22, 2021

We have created the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of Plain Concepts

The wealth and value of a company are not only measured in economic benefits. What really makes the difference is the creation of a space in which all team members feel included, regardless of their gender, profile, nationality, religion, generation… This engagement increases productivity and improves the working environment. This is why the business case for Diversity and Inclusion is stronger than ever. For companies with diversity, the possibility of increasing their profitability has increased, while the penalties are increasing for those that lack diversity. 

 Progress on representation has been slow, yet a few firms are making real strides. A close look at these diversity winners shows that a systematic, business-led approach and bold, concerted action on inclusion are needed to make progress.

We strive for a diverse and inclusive environment

We believe that it is necessary to have a diverse workforce but also an inclusive work culture. Inclusion is being part of the group, feeling unique in it, and being valued for your differences. Different experiences and backgrounds bring different perspectives that will contribute to new and more diverse ideas to help solve problems and drive innovation.  That is why we are now focusing our efforts on recruiting diverse professionals, as well as creating programs to increase retention. 

We realized that we needed to take some steps to improve diversity and enhance inclusion, and so we have created the Plain Concepts Diversity and Inclusion Committee to move forward and drive some of these initiatives. 

  • Internal training to take place during 2022: Recently, Raquel Lainde, an expert in D&I gave us an interesting training in which we also had time to ask questions, share our opinions, listen to our colleagues’ experiences… 
  • Diverse teams: One of our main objectives in terms of D&I is to ensure that all our teams are diverse. 
  • Events that promote female technical talent: We have always supported and tried to make female technical talent visible, which is why we will continue to support and organize events that promote the visibility of women in the tech sector.

Last October we organized the 1st edition of Lovelace Tech, an event whose main objective is to give visibility to female technical talent and which was a resounding success, with more than 400 registered participants.  

This year, we have also sponsored events that promote the visibility of women in the tech sector such as WomenTechMakers or Woman 4TT, in which, in addition, our colleague María Soto was a speaker with her session on ‘Technical Seo’ and moderator in the Development track. 

  • Internships Lovelace 2022: We are going to incorporate two women in engineering teams for paid internships, and it seems that this initiative has been very well received, as more than 50 women have signed up to join our team! So far this year, we have had a total of 141 new recruits, 88 of whom are women, and we hope that this number will continue to grow and that more and more women will join our team!


The committee is composed of 4 people from our team:

    • Gema Peláez | CPO  
    • Jose Antonio García | Global UI/UX Director  
    • María Soto | Global Marketing Director  
    • Cristian Manteiga | Solution Adoption Specialist 

In addition, we will all be an active part of this project, groups will be created to contribute ideas, initiatives, actions, and all the value that we can think of to continue improving as a team in the field of D&I. 

We don’t want this commitment to remain just words, that’s why we have been carrying out actions to promote these two fundamental factors for years. As a result, we were awarded the IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners) Global Winner of the IAMCP Diversity and Inclusion Challenge.   

Our fight to make our employees feel part of one big family does not end here and we will be taking many more actions. We embrace uniqueness and differences within our team.  Each member’s contribution is essential to Plain Concepts.

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