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Modern Workplace – Infrastructure security

Strengthen your business in the face of cybersecurity challenges

Remote and collaborative work, home access to sensitive material, dangers of cyber-attacks… The post-pandemic work environment has intensified the implementation of work routines that have benefited companies and workers but have posed new challenges.

In an increasingly digitized world, IT equipment security and workers’ well-being to perform their tasks impact a company that makes more profit… and fewer scares.

Our value proposition

Focus on cybersecurity

A Modern Workplace environment must be concerned about the IT security of its tools, data, and employees. Even more so in an atmosphere of increasing remote work and the ever-present danger of cyber-attacks.

Ransomware attacks increased 151% year-on-year, with an average of 270 cyber attacks per organization in 2021 (source: World Economic Forum).

At least 94% of Spanish companies suffered a “serious cybersecurity incident” in 2021. The most affected sectors are insurance, TMT (telecommunications, media, and technology), manufacturing, banking, and public administration (source: Deloitte).

Businesses are very interested in various aspects of cybersecurity:

  • Compliance and information security
  • Identity (access lifecycle, biometric factors…)
  • Data management
  • Etc.

You too?

Securing data

Keeping sensitive information within the company is a significant concern for any company.

Deciding where to host the data, choosing the proper protection tool… It would be best if you made several decisions to avoid the most worrying thing: information leaks.

Migrations with care

Moving all the information from one email service to another.

Or from Multi-Tenant Open Source to the cloud.

These are just two examples of complex processes required in digitized companies or those undergoing digital transformation.

And getting them right impacts your company’s future, both in terms of its cybersecurity and the maintenance of data that can be useful to you.

And that's how we got it

Microsoft Office 365

Our expertise applies to all tools and utilities in the Microsoft suite, from Supply Chain Management to SharePoint.

CCN Partners

Plain Concepts is one of only two partners certified by the National Cryptologic Center of Spain to implement the National Security Scheme guidelines on Microsoft Office 365 and Azure.

Expertise Azure

Azure Sentinel, Defender for Cloud… Our portfolio is extensive, and we know how to help you choose the most suitable tool for your company.

Endpoint Coverage

Securitization, administration… We work with all the processes of these devices that connect remotely to corporate networks and are, therefore, sensitive and attractive to cyber attackers.

Teams Support

We help you to adopt this handy Microsoft tool for collaborative work. During the whole process, we work hand in hand to make it work perfectly.

Partnership with Ceca Magán

We have partnered with this law firm to offer the best compliance and information security services so that you get the best technical and legal services.

Certified team

All of this is made possible by the talent at Plain Concepts, which has numerous IT security certifications and is continually training for new ones.

Thanks to all this, we are specialists in

  • Process automation
  • Information security
  • Online identity
  • Installation of cloud and on-premise servers (locally installed): we have provided solutions for the movement, synchronization, and identity migrations.
Discover our customized workshops
Defend Against Threats with the SIEM Plus XDR Workshop
Enable immediate threat visibility into email, identity, and data, and discover how Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft 365 Defender can help you use intelligent security analytics.
Mitigate Compliance and Privacy Risks
Discover how Microsoft Purview helps you detect, investigate and take action to mitigate risk and ensure compliance in your modern workplace.
Protect and Govern Sensitive Data
Understand and mitigate hidden privacy and regulatory risks in your own environment with Microsoft Purview.
Secure Multi-Cloud Environments
Identify current and ongoing risks to your cloud environment and define next steps to accelerate your security journey.
Secure Identities and Access Workshop
Find and mitigate identity risks and protect your organization with a seamless identity solution.
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Zero Trust & Identity Maturity Status Workshop
Assess the maturity of your identity assets and understand the Zero Trust architecture aligned with your needs.







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