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We open our first European Technology Hub in Romania

After more than 15 years of leading the market for software solutions and the most disruptive projects, we are once again committed to the technological innovation of the highest quality.

Therefore, we have decided to embark on a new adventure that has made us land in Romania with a unique project: We are opening a Technology Hub that will bring together the best professionals in the sector to work on our most innovative European projects!

European Tech Hub

We have chosen Romania for its great potential and strategic location, and we have set out to find the best talent in the area. In addition, this initiative will have a tremendous positive impact on the country and will provide an excellent opportunity for professionals who want to join a unique European innovation project.

It is one of our most ambitious bets on the European continent, and it will be a before and after in Plain Concepts’ business strategy. In fact, we want to go further and place the country at the forefront of innovation thanks to this technology center. We will create solutions and projects based on the most cutting-edge technologies of the moment, from blockchain to artificial intelligence, IoT, mixed reality, and even mixed reality.

In addition, it will promote digital business transformation, the delivery of technological solutions, and advice to customers throughout the project process.

Remote Software developer jobs

The first positions for Full Stack .NET Developer and Full Stack JavaScript Developer profiles are already open, with many more to come.

These positions include great job benefits, such as the possibility of working remotely from anywhere in the country and the most innovative advantage: a flexible working day of only 35 hours per week.

Those interested can already send their applications through the offers published in our Careers section. But it will have to be as soon as possible because the forecasts to start with the Hub at total capacity are imminent, and we want to do it in record time.


We seek to develop the full potential of the best talent. Are you the person we are looking for?


Elena Canorea
Elena Canorea
Communications Lead