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June 7, 2024

We are finalists at the IT Europa Channel Awards!

The final shortlist for the 16th IT Europa Channel Awards has been announced and Plain Concepts has been chosen in not just one, but two of the main categories of the awards.

Out of the hundreds of entries received this year, Plain Concepts’ projects have been chosen as one of the best in the categories “Cloud Service Provider of the Year” and “AI/ML Solution of the Year”.

The awards ceremony will be held at the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square on 26 June and we will find out if we have won in either category.

IT Europe editorial director Will Garside said: ‘There have been a fantastic number of entries this year, which makes selecting the finalists from such an exceptional group a difficult task.

The two outstanding projects in these categories are those developed with Heijmans and Thera4all, both of which stand out for their innovative, socially and environmentally conscious nature.

Democratizing access to psychology

At a time when mental health is one of the major problems in today’s society, access to psychology should not be a luxury. With the irruption of generative AI and the great technological advances, Brain is born with the purpose of democratising access to it by bringing together all the knowledge of a group of expert psychologists together with the latest technologies.

Thanks to Brain, psychology becomes accessible with the most advanced AI applied to human attention, creating a hyper-realistic ‘metahuman’ that makes the patient feel understood, listened to, and guided. It also offers certified assessments by health psychologists in areas such as dementia, anxiety, depression, suicide risk, autism, ADHD, etc.

The platform uses algorithms based on psychological assessment models that are widely accepted and validated in the scientific literature. They undergo rigorous external review and validation methods, ensuring that they reflect the highest standards of biomedical and psychological research.

Brain represents not only cutting-edge technology but also an unwavering commitment to the well-being of patients. It is a tool that democratizes access to mental health, bringing hope and help to every corner of the world.

Digital Twins and the future of cities

Developing countries are facing the fastest urbanization process in history, so the need to create large-scale affordable residential units and fully equipped urban areas is enormous. In addition to the need to develop these residential areas, the factors of sustainability, improvement of the quality of life of citizens, and preservation of natural, social, and local heritage are crucial today. Moreover, resources and time are limited, so efficient solutions have to be found to solve this global challenge.

Current urban design processes are encountering numerous obstacles when considering environmental and growth values, forcing a rethinking of urban development models. In addition, we are at a time when many industries are seeing how digitalization is bringing them numerous competitive advantages, as well as saving time and costs and improving safety and security.

Thanks to this intelligent digital monitoring system, we can measure the load and performance in real-time of the building/public space/bridge to be studied and analyze its specific situation to ensure that the installation is safe and will function perfectly, as well as realistically predict its lifespan. We can now know at all times what the state of our building is thanks to the large amount of data we receive through the installed sensors, which allows us to make decisions and plan maintenance, as well as to schedule investments appropriately based on concrete facts.

The result is a highly scalable cloud architecture using AKS, which ingests more than 25 different types of sensors and displays the information in Azure Digital Twins.


Stay tuned for more on 26 June!

Elena Canorea
Elena Canorea
Communications Lead