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September 21, 2023

Why should you consider having a Mobile App for your Business?

The last decade has marked a boom in the development and launch of mobile apps worldwide. The numbers are precise: in 2023, there are 1.96 million mobile apps in the Apple Store and 2.87 million in the Google Play Store.

Many companies or even study centers are already opting to create their own app to facilitate global connectivity and make it easier for their users to access information. We look at the benefits of having a business app and why you need one to improve your bottom line.

Benefits Mobile App for Businesses

Creating a mobile app that reflects your vision and highlights your strengths is a great way to build loyalty and improve customer relationships while staying relevant and at the forefront of new technological trends. But how can an app achieve all this?

Almost 90% of smartphone users spend time on apps daily, and 49% do so more than 11 times daily. Mobile shopping has also increased, which has a significant impact on the customer journey and your business.

Nowadays, time has become one of the most valuable commodities, and a business app is a handy tool to save a lot of time for our customers and many other advantages that we list below.

Improving Branding

Having a business app is an excellent strategy to give visibility to your business. It is a very attractive way for potential customers to become more familiar with your company and the services/products you offer and a unique opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them.

In short, a mobile app makes it easier for your business to be known and for you to do business with just a few clicks.

One example is the Cashlogy App, which lets you control your business cash from your mobile in real-time. Developed for the Azkoyen Group, it is an automated solution where the owner decides who can access the cash and forgets about endless cash drawers.

Customized Services

An app allows you to customize your company’s services to cater to a specific target market. For example, you can conduct surveys to find out what content your customers like the most and then tailor it to make notifications more relevant to each profile.

This keeps customers coming back and recommending the app and gives you valuable insights into how users perform, what you can improve in your marketing strategies, and how to learn more about your customers.

Saves time

Apps avoid loading problems or website crashes, saving customers time by giving them quick and easy access to your business services.

This is reflected in a study by Zensar, which shows how mobile app payments increased from 41.8% in 2019 to 52.2% in 2023.

Better connection with Clients

Apps allow you to connect with your customers regardless of their geographic location. You can send automatic notifications about promotions, sales, or any other action to interact with them.

This option is a great strategy to keep your business on users’ minds, even at times when they might not have thought about it.

Together with other channels, such as social media, newsletters, or the web, can help you connect with customers, but apps ensure that they see your messages. This way, you can interact with them in an environment with fewer distractions and less competition.

One example is Madrid te acompaña, an app made for the Madrid City Council that brings together the elderly and volunteers through an app adapted to their needs and easy to use. It has meant a before and after in volunteering actions, as it is now possible to connect all parties in a simple, controlled, and fluid way, adapted to the digital era.

Marketing Assistant

A mobile app allows you to manage contact information, personalized messages, or engagement tools such as contests or campaigns. This eliminates the need for tangible marketing products, reducing the costs of live marketing campaigns and being much more cost-effective.

This, and the personalization discussed above, can make the user feel that their needs are better understood and tailor marketing offers to each user at scale.

In addition, a mobile app offers multi-channel marketing opportunities, moving from viewing an ad on social media to going directly into the app to make a purchase.

Increased Sales

It is estimated that mobile e-commerce will account for 43.4% of all e-commerce sales this year, a huge increase from previous years. This is due to the proliferation of apps and the 18-34 age group of shoppers transacting on mobile.

These consumers want to interact with brands through apps that simplify the buying process and keep their favorite products or payment information to speed up the process.

One example is a project we did for one of the world’s leading supermarket retailers, which had in mind to create a disruptive loyalty program for its customers, so we developed an innovative smart solution focused on harnessing the full potential of cloud computing and powered by Machine Learning and Analytics services. The solution can support the system’s operation for collecting information in 17 countries, in more than 11,000 shops and more than 55,000 points of sale (POS), and store more than 2 million purchase tickets per year and country.

Tapping into the Business Niche

Trying to sell a product or service can be an exhausting competition. A high-quality app can help you gain more market share in your industry.

Especially in a highly competitive niche, an app can be the differentiating factor you need. You can get the boost you need through instant communication, reliability, and convenience.

One example is Valora View, an augmented reality app developed for BBVA bank that helps people make more informed decisions about buying or renting a property, saving them time, money, and stress.

aplicacion BBVA viviendas

Enterprise App Development

In short, consumers use mobile devices to gather information about the brands they like and smartphones to make purchases. With a business app, you will give a better experience to your users while strengthening their relationship with them and improving sales.

At Plain Concepts, we reimagine, modernize, and accelerate your business goals by developing custom applications. We specialize in migrating legacy applications to modern architectures, giving you the best visual design and usability, and launching new digital products using cloud-native applications.

To do this, we provide you with: 

  • External or hybrid team collaboration models: we work externally to develop the product you need, or we create a team led and trained by us with people from your company and ours.
  • LoB application modernization assessment: our team uses discovery analysis to design and implement an end-to-end transformation tailored to your needs.
  • DevOps assessment: our goal is to outline how best to optimize your company’s application lifecycle management and DevOps culture.


If you want to know which option best suits your needs, our team of experts can help you. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity and take your customers’ experience to the next level!.  

Elena Canorea
Elena Canorea
Communications Lead