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December 23, 2021

2021, a year summarized in innovation, robotics and solidarity

We close the year, and with it comes a moment of reflection and analysis of all the achievements and memories that 2021 will leave us forever. New offices, new projects, colleagues who have jumped on board this ever-growing adventure, events, awards, surprises…

All summarized in a few lines, we show you the milestones that have marked this 2021 for Plain Concepts.

Partnership with Boston Dynamics

This year we have become partners of Boston Dynamics, a collaboration that aims to boost the field of robotics with the most cutting-edge software developments. For example, enabling mixed reality environments with the integration of Microsoft HoloLens 2, an inspection of hazardous areas, data collection, security, etc.


The second was the launch of Evergine, our ultimate multi-device graphics engine designed for the enterprise sector. It offers Augmented and Virtual Reality based solutions that provide greater flexibility and freedom to create unique and personalized visual experiences.

Transforming the current landscape

Thanks to our expertise in various fields such as AI, Big Data, Cloud, Blockchain, VR/AR, IoT, Digital Twins, etc., we have brought forward great case studies with new clients and well-known travel partners with whom we have been able to make a difference in all kinds of sectors.

In addition to providing the best solutions to our customers, we do not leave behind our other objective of being a benchmark in technological dissemination. Therefore, in 2021 we have participated in more events than ever before, with more than 80 meetings where we have organized, sponsored, collaborated with speakers, organized, sponsored, and collaborated with speakers…

We have not missed our two major events that have become a tradition: DotNet and Singularity Tech Day. In addition, as a novelty, we organized the first edition of Lovelace Tech, an event that aims to give visibility to female technical talent. All three were a real success, with more than 2,000 registered attendees and a closer spirit thanks to creating virtual booths, private rooms, contests, sweepstakes, etc…

35-hour workday and D&I Committee

At Plain Concepts, we take care of all the talent we have, which allows us to excel year after year. And in 2021, we have continued to look for ways to be a differential place where talent comes first above all else. That is why one of the big bets of 2021 has been the adoption of a 35-hour working week, flexible, remote, and without cutting salaries.

We are aware that the awards, projects, and numbers would not be possible without the tremendous human capital that we have in our teams. Therefore, we have opted for work-life balance, convinced that this measure will allow us to attract and retain the best people, in addition to generating even better results.

In addition, we have gone a step further in terms of diversity and inclusion, creating a D&I Committee to promote initiatives such as internal training, diverse teams, visibility of women in the sector, scholarships, etc.

Certifications, new offices…

2021 has been an excellent year for Plain Concepts, full of achievements such as opening two new international offices in Australia and Romania, the Microsoft Partner of the Year award in Artificial Intelligence and Social Impact, great projects, growth in numbers, new followers… A long list of great moments that is impossible to summarize in a single post.

The scenario for 2022 is once again exponential, and we have already prepared a significant number of novelties, so if you don’t want to miss out on everything we are capable of, follow us on Social Networks or sign up for our Newsletter.

Elena Canorea
Elena Canorea
Content & Copywriter

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