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December 1, 2021

Introducing a Fully Remote and Flexible 35-Hour Working Week

We are aware that what makes Plain Concepts great is the quality of the professionals that make up our team. That is why we continue working to improve their well-being by listening to their needs and creating the best workspace for them.

Our main goal is to support our clients in their Digital Transformation process, developing customized and innovative solutions that incorporate the latest technology. To achieve this, while ensuring our high-quality standards, we need to attract and retain the best talent. Therefore, we have firmly committed to fully remote work and a flexible 35-hour working week while maintaining 100% of the employee’s salary.

Putting People First

McKinsey, in its study “Great Attrition’ or ‘Great Attraction’? The choice is yours“, identified the top priorities for employees and employers, in which having an adequate compensation, being valued, or having a sense of belonging stand out, but also in which having a good work-life balance appears in the first position.

Last summer, Plain Concepts conducted a survey amongst all employees asking about post-COVID-19 work models. The questionnaire included some initiatives to improve the work-life balance. The participation rate was very high, almost 90%, and we took the results very seriously as our employee’s happiness is a priority. We firmly believe that having motivated teams is essential to maintain the excellence that has always characterized our company.

As a result, and with the goal of improving our employee’s work-life balance and quality of life, we have approved the implementation of a 35-hour flexible work week, with no salary reduction.

More Motivated Teams

We strongly believe that this initiative is going to help us to move forward towards our goal of attracting and retaining the best talent as well as further improve our results.

With our flexible working hours, we are going to increase our employee’s motivation while delivering the same value to our customers as before, along with a lower team turnover.

This flexible and reduced working day joins the wide range of social benefits enjoyed by Plain Concepts employees, including English lessons and training budget, medical and dental insurance, flexible pay, birthday day off, gym platform, financial support for remote work expenses such as Internet, in addition to providing the necessary equipment to work from home with the comfort of the office, among others.

Values and People

If there is something that sets us apart from other companies is our continuous effort to provide the best value to our clients, which is why we have adopted this initiative while keeping them in mind and with the promise to continue offering the best service, highest quality and a lower staff turnover. In short, to maintain and even improve their satisfaction with the best professionals.

People will continue to be our top priority, both our customers and our employees.

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