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May 11, 2020

We collaborate in the fight against COVID-19

The arrival of Covid-19 has required all of us to adapt to a new way of life, and to collaborate as much as possible to overcome this crisis as soon as possible. From Plain Concepts, throughout these weeks we have activated and participated in several initiatives aimed at overcoming in one way or another, this health crisis. Actions that define the spirit of our company of which we are so proud.

Teleworking for all employees

From the beginning of March, the company activated a protocol by which colleagues who were in a risk group were encouraged to start working from home. As of March 15, the vast majority of us were already teleworking, in order to minimize travel on public transport and contact with other people. All employees were provided with the necessary equipment to perform their tasks from home. And since our company already has a strong culture of teleworking, making the leap to this modality did not mean any extra effort in our offices in Spain, the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, and USA.

Free virtual trainings

Through our #VirtualCoffees & Webinars, our technology experts offer dynamic training through events using Microsoft Teams Live, which allows for great interaction between speaker and attendees. Topics have been discussed in the area of business analysis focused on finance, MLOps, Power BI, Data, Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft 365, or team management in teleworking.

In addition, we are part of the solidarity initiative Todos desde Casa, in which we teach workers and teachers how to implement telework. This initiative is led by the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners Spain.


We have become partners of the #StopCorona movement, to help promote and disseminate initiatives that contribute to winning the health battle of COVID-19 through technology, data analysis, and digital solutions. If you want to know more about this initiative, collaborate, or have an idea, don’t hesitate to visit their web.

COVID Makers

We have disseminated the Maker movement in Spain among all our colleagues, as well as offering them internal communication channels so that they can share experiences, advice, and so on.  If you also want to join this movement we leave you all the information:


Groups by Autonomous Community/Region.

Telegram – Coronavirus Makers main group 


Donation to Red Cross

We believe that it is very important that we all play our part in the fight against this virus, which is why we have collaborated with Red Cross by making a donation.

If you also want to collaborate with them you can do it here.


Always full of hope

All of us at Plain Concepts are full of excitement and plans for when this is all over, we have so many, that we have made a video with all of them.

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