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September 8, 2021

5 Benefits of Digitizing Your Business

Digitizing a business in the 21st century only brings benefits for the future of the company. New technologies offer opportunities that can be exploited by all departments, from marketing to customer service. Thanks to this, not only are new ways of doing business being discovered but also cost savings and optimization of company resources. And even tools that automate tasks can lead to happier employees.

In this post, we talk about several benefits of digitizing your business. Which one(s) do you identify with?

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The Benefits of Digitizing Your Business

Improve Communication With Customers

In a business, it is very important to talk to customers to know their pain points and fulfill their desires and needs. Digital tools help to improve communication and get more opinions. It is not enough just to talk or collect their impressions, you also have to manage this information and organize it to get the most out of it.

Thus, in the journey from recording data to analyzing it and making a decision, there are numerous technologies that advance the business through communication with customers.

Among them, we could recommend customer service chatbots, which resolve doubts or make sales after programming them with artificial intelligence, or forms whose responses are managed mechanically. All the information collected is stored in databases in the cloud, where it is easily managed for analysis and visualization.

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Perfecting The User Experience

We already know what customers need. Now we want to improve their experience. And for this, digitization also helps.

Taking into account the user experience and user interface (UX/UI) helps to polish a website or a mobile application. The design, the layout of the elements, the colors, the fonts… A detailed analysis of these elements helps to create digital spaces that are more harmonious and pleasant to use.

On the other hand, if you do not have a website or mobile application, it is time to launch them. If UX/UI issues are already taken into account at the beginning of a project, it is easier to avoid design errors in the long term.

Adapting To a Changing (And More Sustainable) World

Not only is today’s world more digitized, but the climate emergency and new social movements (work-life balance, the search for more free time, etc.) are leading to more sustainable actions.

Cloud computing saves costs by eliminating the use of local servers, which translates into lower costs for the company and less carbon emissions from the operation of these machines. At the same time, robotics and Artificial Intelligence help to perform tasks that reduce emissions. For example, a delivery drone eliminates the fossil fuel sources of a ‘traditional’ delivery vehicle, while a surveillance sensor can do the same from above.

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Increased Employee Productivity and Welfare

Digitization automates tasks that free employees from manual work. As a result, employees can focus on more creative and less stressful tasks, which has a direct impact on their comfort within the company.

At the same time, tasks are executed more quickly and there are fewer errors, so business productivity is higher: a product or service is delivered faster and more efficiently.

Cost Reduction

We spoke earlier about the automation of tasks. It is precisely this type of digitization that saves costs, as fewer resources (time, money, materials, human capital…) are invested in tasks that were previously performed by a person.

Chatbots that fulfill or complement the functions of a call center through preset responses are an example of cost-saving digitization. Also, the application of IoT sensors reduces energy expenditure; for example, turning lights on and off as employees pass and collecting data on this to optimize lighting.

Herramientas para digitalizar tu empresa

Among the most popular tools to digitize your company are:

  • CRM: Customer Relationship Management is a customer relationship management software. With it you can, for example, centralize the process of lead management: recruitment, a follow-up…
  • Human Resources Management Software: Some software programs centralize on a single platform the clocking in and out of employees with vacation or leave requests. This allows the HR department team to save time and costs in the management processes of these tasks.
  • Administrative Task Management Software: Related to the previous ones, there is also software that digitizes the treatment of invoicing to streamline processes.
  • E-commerce Platforms. There are companies that have their own e-commerce platform to sell on the Internet and others that use external services that are easy to install and customize on their web servers.
  • Communication and Collaborative Work: Microsoft 365 or the Google suite are two examples of packages with digital tools to work remotely among several people. They include chats, video call systems, and word processors…
  • Social Network Management: There are platforms with dashboards to manage at the same time or on the same screen the publications of several social networks, with columns dedicated to mentions, hashtags, or private messages. From these platforms, messages can be programmed and analytics can be consulted.

How Plain Concepts Helps You Digitize Your Business

Plain Concepts has extensive experience in very different technologies with something in common: they help digitize the business and make it more profitable.

Throughout the article, we have pointed out technologies such as IoT or cloud computing and services such as UX/UI, in which we are specialists to design very attractive business experiences. We have experience in all these fields, backed by certifications from Microsoft and public bodies, as our numerous success stories demonstrate.

You are just an email away from us helping you to make a successful digitalization a reality.

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