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September 7, 2021

Wave Engine 3.3 | Prelude

We are thrilled to bring you a new release of Wave Engine. This version includes some new features and a lot of internal changes that are going to allow us to show you amazing new features soon. 

Also, if you want to know more about our newest graphic engine, discover Evergine!

WinUI 3 platform 

“WinUI 3 is the next generation of the WinUI framework, and is now available for production apps.” ( 

Wave Engine includes a new template that uses WinUI 3. We are going to continue working on improving the integration with this platform, but you can now start creating a new project using this template and test the demo using WinUI 3 ( 

Package system 

We’ve worked hard to develop a new package system. It will allow you to import external assets, components, behaviors… without copying them directly in your project. This is a first step, and we will publish a package management tool inside the editor and add support to third party packages and other great ideas soon.  

This version adds a new package with the core Wave Engine assets. In the editor you can check it under the “Dependencies” node. The assets from a Wave Engine package cannot be edited directly from the editor, so when you try to edit one, a dialog is shown asking you to copy the assets in your project folder. 


How to update to Wave 3.3

IMPORTANT: Make a backup of your project.

Follow these steps to add the WaveEngine.Core package to your project: 

  • Make sure you have updated your project to 
  • Close all opened tabs and close the Editor. 
  • Edit the Wave Engine project file (the file with the “.weproj” extension in your project main folder). 
  • Now you can open the project with Wave Engine Editor, and the package will be installed. 
  • In your project Content folder, you must delete all WaveEngine assets that you have not changed.  
  • Reload the project from the File menu. 

 Other improvements and bug fixes in WaveEngine 3.3 preview 

  • DirectX binding SharpDX replaced with Vortice. 
  • Project names can contain ‘.’ character. 
  • Entity/Component lifecycle fixes. 
  • Disable ZPrePass object rendering when the layer does not write in depth. 
  • Fixed some issues on loading a Gltf model that does not have a scene defined. 
  • Editor empty components bug fixed. 
  • Editor shows the asset id in the asset tooltip. 
  • Bokeh effect didn’t blur near elements. 


We are going to continue working hard in the next weeks to release a new major version soon. This new version will come with a lot of new cool features, stay tuned! 

We continue to want and rely on your feedback so please share any feedback you have, and we’ll be happy to categorize it at: 

Nice work team! And thanks for being a Wave Engine developer. 

Javier Cantón
Javier Cantón
Plain Concepts Research