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Cloud Database: The Main Advantages Of This Service

Cloud databases are becoming increasingly popular for hosting company information in a scalable environment that is accessible from numerous points. In this article, we are going to talk about what these databases consist of and why you should bet on them in your company.

Cloud Database Services

Cloud database services are ways of storing information in the cloud (i.e. on the premises of a service provider), rather than on a local computer. This saves space and even money.

In this way, it also takes advantage of all the benefits of Cloud Computing, which is the technology that allows databases to be hosted in the cloud.

Moreover, the database service is offered from different types of cloud: public, private, and hybrid.

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Database Cloud Databases

Among the advantages of cloud databases are:

  • Access from different locations and devices with the Internet
  • Thus, faster access to information
  • Saving physical space: it is not necessary to install servers
  • This also saves money invested in physical databases and their related costs: maintenance, implementation, etc. Maintenance tasks now correspond to the service provider
  • Scalability: the storage space can be adapted to the customer’s needs at any given moment
  • Moreover, being a cloud infrastructure, there is no need to install hardware or order parts: operation is instantaneous
  • Possibility of migrating local databases
  • Easy to recover backups

How to Create a Database in the Cloud: Why You Should Go For It

Any industry sector can take advantage of the benefits of cloud databases. It is just a matter of choosing the right model to suit your needs.

Therefore, to create a database in the cloud, it is necessary to take into account characteristics such as:

  • The performance of the technology
  • What security features do we want: data encryption, security patch updates…
  • If it can be integrated with external applications
  • If we want it to have extra utilities, such as reporting on the data

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At Plain Concepts, two of our main lines of work are data and the cloud. We manage your cloud storage with you with one of the many existing services in which we are experts. Among the actions we perform, we create scalable cloud environments, to be expanded as your company has new needs. In addition, we work to ensure that cybersecurity is continuously updated: controls, regulations… We can also automate management tasks, so that staff can focus on data analysis, more creative.

Moreover, we have a mentoring service to disseminate knowledge to the members of your teams.

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We work with the main public clouds, to migrate data or create new infrastructures: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Azure. We are Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform, which demonstrates our experience running Microsoft cloud technologies. In addition, we put our big data team at your disposal so you can take advantage of the data you host and make new decisions. Are you ready to learn more about databases in the cloud?

This is all that cloud databases have to offer

A disruptive technology with many advantages when you squeeze its potential.

➕ Benefits

➕ Opportunities

➕ Productivity

➖ Costs

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