biopsia guiada hololens

Augmented Reality Guided Biopsies

Plain Concepts has developed an application on HoloLens to graphically display the scan of a patient and help physicians decide from where to take a sample during a biopsy.

The system has different tools to help you work on the image coming from the scanner. Thus physicians, besides deciding which would be the sample area, can assess and set the appropriate path to perform the biopsy procedure.

Mixed Reality
Also, this application:
- Complies with the DICOM standards specified by the NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association).
- It is compatible with PACS medical image servers.
- Transforms CT scans into a functional hologram.
- Supports voice commands for each action such as: move, rotate, scale, cut plane, set target or handle markers.
- It uses machine vision and can identify the markers on real patients and place them on the patient's body.


A widespread problem in medicine is that there are no tools available to display 3D medical images or systems to guide physicians through medical procedures.


The 3D medical image is projected through holograms on the patient's body, which allows you to understand in a clearer and more intuitive way what the patient's body looks like and how to proceed to take the sample in the right way. Furthermore, physicians can have their hands free throughout the procedure and interact with the application using voice commands.


This technology will save costs in the medical field and provide faster and more accurate diagnoses.
The goggles will show images of the interior of the body projected on the real patient and with simple hand gestures or voice commands, the surgeon will be able to manage these projections and choose the ideal point of incision, tilt, and depth.