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Decouples authentication from authorization of web applications

Balea allows you to centrally manage the authorization of all your organization’s applications. With Balea you can define and assign permissions in a single authorized portal, in addition it allows you to write access control policies to applications in a simple way through a natural language, facilitating the management of both your organization and your users, quickly and easily.


  • Centralized storage and decoupling of permissions that define your applications and user allocation.
  • Save time, cost and start-up with our existing framework.
  • Integrate the solution into your organization or get it as a separate portal.
  • Manage your organization’s permissions and users in real time and from a single application.

Scenario without Balea

In a scenario WHITHOUT Balea, authentication and authorization are often coupled, that is, permissions assigned to the application user usually last as long as the authentication ticket lasts. This scenario limits real-time changes, as you’ll need to re-create and manage permissions in each application.

Scenario with Balea

With Balea you’ll be able to undock authentication of the authorization of your organization’s applications, facilitating and expediting the administration of those applications by means of a centralized storage. Also, through Balea you will be able to manage the permissions of the applications in real time.

Support for multiple databases

(SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Db2, Cosmos DB, MySQL, FirebirdSQL, Informix, MyCAT)

User interface

It has an administration user interface from which you can configure the different elements of the authorization server.

 Open Source Solution

Apache2 licensed, with source code available.

Audit and compliance record

Balea provides detailed audit log support for reporting and compliance.

Quick and easy deployment

It is able to deploy quickly and easily in different environments such aso: Cloud, On-premises, Azure App Service, Kubernetes.

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Why should you use Balea for your company?


Centralize the logic and flows of Authorization for any type of application


Improve application management by simplifying role management, permissions and delegation across all applications.


Extensible Framework. Balea allows users to extend and modify their behaviors.


It works with any identity provider (IdentityServer, Azure AD, Azure AD B2C)


Application integration by consuming authorization policies via a REST Api or by using the libraries that Balea provides.


Centralize and delegate permissions for your applications, as well as grant one or more users additional permissions to act on behalf of a third party.


Authorization management through a simple and intuitive interface.