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Smart Concepts

Discover the Azure platform for IoT scenarios

Smart Concepts is a cloud solution with an implementation time of less than 7 days, designed to integrate and communicate with a variety of IoT devices quickly and securely and enhance the value of data through Artificial Intelligence.


  • Get a global vision of all the data from your IoT devices from any location and in real-time.
  • Get high-volume data Insights in minutes by analyzing and managing all the information collected from interactive panels.
  • Get the benefits of a cloud platform by implementing Microsoft Azure services that include ISO certifications.
  • Develop and deploy IoT applications on Azure, reducing maintenance time and cost.
  • Development of Artificial Intelligence scenarios.
  • Provides a powerful information base for the creation of your Digital Twin.
  • Customize the platform according to your needs and integrate it with your applications.

Get the most out of the data generated by your devices

Connect and manage all your IoT devices

Real-time data loading scenarios

View and manage millions of events

Integration with third party software

Scalable infrastructure and pay-per-use services

Analyze the IoT data where it is created in real time

Get Insights from your data through Ad-hoc analysis

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Connect all your devices with sensors and analyze the most relevant data of your business


Connect any device


Get real-time information


Integrate IoT data into your business applications

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