Centralized identity management for all types of applications

OREIN is an Identity Provider based on OpenId.Connect and OAuth2 that allows us to centralize logins in different corporate applications, offering corporate users a Single Sign On experience in all company applications.

OREIN allows you to unify the identity of your company’s users, preventing each application from managing user access independently.

This solution is ideal if your organization has more than one application, facilitating corporate identity by providing a unique user identity among the different applications.

We have authentication flows for all types of applications, both native and web or SPA, being all authentication flows based on HTTP communication so we have no limitation for multi-platform communications or between applications developed with different languages.


Centralize the authentication flows for any type of application

Many aspects of OREIN are customizable and extendable to customer needs. The configurations for each of the applications are made from the management portal.

Identity management and authentication is not a specific scenario for any sector, being a transversal need for all types of applications. That is why OREIN is a solution that fits any sector that wants to offer a unified identity scenario between different applications.


Customizable and extendable


User interface


Management portal


Configuration Lock


Based on Identity Server


OpenID Connect Certification

Why OREIN for your company?


Centralizes authentication logic and flows for any type of application


Easily integrates different identity providers for the rest of the corporate applications


Identity management through a simple and intuitive interface

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