MRLink Unit

Real-time remote viewing and control of SPOT

Major industrial facilities have increasingly complex and sometimes dangerous infrastructures and processes. MRLink Unit takes the functionality and usability of Boston Dynamics’ Spot to a new level, allowing you to control and access your vision remotely.

Execute and monitor surveillance, inspection, or industrial maintenance tasks through an immersive first-person or third-person experience, maximizing employee safety.

Visualise, analyze and execute precise actions in real-time with Spot without traveling.

Solutions for all industries

Controlling the robot from anywhere

AI object perception capability

First and third-person visualization

Advanced navigation

Own user interface

Real-time management

Your Remote Mixed Reality Connection

The problems associated with large industrial, oil and gas, energy, telecommunications, or hydraulic installations are now a thing of the past thanks to this innovative solution that allows the use of virtual and mixed reality glasses to control Spot from anywhere in real-time.

Increased Security for your Employees

Spot’s multi-sensor system reduces the risk of workplace accidents while increasing vigilance in the most dangerous installations. It will become an active element in inspection tasks, and you will be able to automate its movements and routines.

Saving Time and Costs

MRLink Unit eliminates the need for technical staff to travel, as they can now operate the robot from another city or location, which means speed and unnecessary travel.


It is compatible with multiple devices, such as HoloLens 2 and Meta Quest Pro. From an MR or VR interface, the operator gets an immersive experience with first or third-person vision, from where he can command the robot’s movements in real-time and intuitively with his own gestures.

Discover how MRLink Unit can revolutionize your inspection processes.
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