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Industry 4.0

Welcome to the greatest industrial revolution

Industry 4.0 has come to transform your business. Artificial Intelligence, data processing or IoT are giving way to the connected industry. To the smart factory.

We connect and combine the best emerging technologies to digitally transform all types of industries, allowing manufacturers to solve their current problems and lay the foundation for a technological scenario where we can develop a new ecosystem of connected products, access digital engineering or enable the scalability of an entire factory.

Train employees. More efficient and cost effective

Technological advances are automating a large number of processes and creating new tasks that need to be covered. This means that you must attract the best talent, but also train your current employees.
We provide you with the tools to increase your staff’s capabilities and be ready to grow at the same pace as your business.

  • Interaction models with Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality to increase employee knowledge and boost plant agility and productivity.
  • New security systems, both physical and cybernetic, that reduce physical accidents, attacks to your systems and loss of products.
  • Unification of devices, data and applications to favour the work of employees on the front line.
  • Developments in Augmented Reality to promote knowledge transfer between employees.

Upgrade your services

By manufacturing smart products you can not only produce more and better, but also know the specific needs of your customers, identify the best time to offer your products or services, discover the best manufacturing processes or find out the best time to replace parts, supplies or equipment.

  • Proactive maintenance through Artificial Intelligence to prevent future breakdowns, reduce maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Remote monitoring to manage the operation of your manufacturing sites from any point.
  • Interaction with the entire life cycle of your products, obtaining a greater knowledge of each phase and the ability to create resources through Artificial Intelligence focused on achieving objectives.

Optimize your digital operations

Today’s market is highly competitive and getting stuck at performance and innovation levels is one of the biggest concerns of any company. We help you upgrade your manufacturing site so that you can carry out agile and dinamic operations with the aim of offering products and customized services.

  • Greater knowledge capacity by integrating data from IoT sources with the respective data of each product and customer.
  • Development of improved products and services based on Artificial Intelligence and data collection.
  • Design of Digital Twins to optimize the creation, analysis and assessment of new services. Visualize your products and test them before manufacturing them.
  • Impress and retain your customers through unique shopping experiences based on Augmented Reality.