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Business Applications

Modernize, innovate, automate and continue to grow with our applications service

We develop business applications designed to help companies manage their legacy systems and empower them to incorporate new emerging technologies to make a business difference.

From complete mobile applications to custom integrations, we cover a wide range of services thanks to our expertise after more than a decade of developing business apps and reinventing them according to the changing needs of our customers as well as the emergence of new technologies.

Cross-platform Business Apps

We specialized in building native multi-platform applications for Android, iOS and Windows, and can help you modernize your application portfolio to adapt your business to the needs of your users.

We design attractive and efficient applications for all types of sectors, whose code base is shared across all platforms. As experts in .NET apps (Xamarin) we offer a native UX while writing the logic in C#. And we develop wrappers for existing platform components made in any predominant language, such as libraries made in Java for Android.

Tailored to your needs

Our team has worked on applications over the last decade building an internal detailed-oriented culture. We have experienced how they evolved from PCs to mobile devices, starting with tablets to Windows 8. And we have been adapting our developments to the changing needs of all kinds of companies that were progressing in their digital transformation processes.

One of our greatest differentials is our close relationship with all kinds of departments when it comes to enriching our business applications. From technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Reality to an internal UX- UI design team, which allows us to ensure compliance with the agreed design throughout all development iterations.

MyPublicInbox: Messaging Platform to Communicate with Relevant Personalities
Plain Concepts worked together with MyPublicInbox to create a messaging platform that provides an easy, safe, and respectful way to communicate with the most relevant personalities in any industry.
app iphone realidad aumentada
BBVA Valora View: An Augmented Reality App
BBVA Valora View is a mobile app developed for BBVA that helps you find properties for rent or sale. This app combines Big Data, Xamarin, and Augmented Reality to transform the way people find their new home.
Madrid Te Acompaña: The App That Connects The Elderly with Volunteers
We collaborated with Voluntari@s por Madrid to develop “Madrid Te Acompaña“, a mobile application to help the elderly contact with a network of volunteers who will attend their requests.