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AI Center of Excellence Accelerator

Identify the key people, processes and tools needed to accelerate the value of Data and AI and achieve success leveraging Microsoft Azure

Our Accelerator program allows you to implement an improvement center so you can lay a solid foundation to bring out the full potential of AI in your organization. It identifies, customizes, and enforces workflows, communications, and patterns to repeatedly deliver high-value AI at speed.

We help you create a centralized place where best practices are formulated based on knowledge and experience. We accompany you on this path, ensuring the needs of governance, standardization, adoption, and operation, exposing the power of AI through a smooth experience for business users. Likewise, we will define policies and models that facilitate the adoption of corporate-wide standards and consistent implementation.

Quality Improvement
Solid AI Foundation
Increased AI ROI & Best Practices
Accelerated High-Value AI Delivery

Why a Center of Excellence?

Accelerate the journey toward Artificial Intelligence and manage it at scale.
Bridge the gap between executive decision-making and AI implementation.

  • Coordinate AI efforts across the organization: Drive AI-enabled initiatives. Scale data science efforts and make AI accessible to every function within the company.
  • Create and implement a unified vision for AI and strategy for the business within the organization.
  • Identify business-driven use-cases: A prioritized list of applications or use cases that balance strategic vs. achievable value. From pilots or prototypes to a regularly monitored production “pipeline” deployment.
  • Determine the appropriate level of ambition: A “road map” with multiple use cases across a timeline. “Think big but start small” with AI.
  • Create a target data architecture: The vision and use-cases define the data platform and tools needed to deliver implementation.
  • Speed up AI-led innovation and identify new revenue opportunities.
  • Standardized practices, processes, and approaches to AI within the organization. Scale AI efforts easier.
  • Orchestrate relationships with universities, vendors, AI start-ups, and other sources of external expertise and innovation.
  • Acquire and develop internal AI talent for long-term success: Consolidate AI resources, learnings, and talent in one place.
  • Consolidate best practices and new technologies: Spread success stories and early success.
  • Correct prioritization of projects according to their added value and allocation of resources.
  • Enable link and cohesion between individual areas of the business and help consistent and efficient communication between stakeholders.
  • Measure and test organization and AI initiatives impact very effectively.


U.S. large firms that use AI have already established a CoE


of organizations with over three AI initiatives underway will create an AI CoE by 2022


of companies successfully building AI and advanced analytics are establishing AI CoE

What Benefits Will You Get?

  • Discover and unlock end-to-end AI potential in your organization.
  • Accelerate your AI journey and achievement along side our team of world class interdisciplinary experts.
  • Assess your data science capabilities and create a tailored plan to help you accelerate and sustain AI value delivery.
  • Build the patterns, processes and teams you need to succeed while collaboratively take high-ROI use cases from ideation to adoption.
  • Improved understanding of how to leverage AI within your organization and Microsoft Azure.
  • AI solutions to support data migration and modernization.
  • A customized roadmap to repeatedly deliver high-value AI.

The Output

  • Work side-by-side with our team of global world-class recognized multidisciplinary experts.
  • Fast discovery and deep dive AI capabilities and maturity level assessment covering multiple points across key domains that matter to your business.
  • Bring to light relevant use cases aligned with your business and discover potential new ones.
  • Prioritized roadmap, AI strategy, and recommendations to rapidly and confidently advance AI maturity and adoption. List of AI opportunities or initiatives prioritized by ROI and time-to-value.
  • One use case and production-quality, high-ROI AI model deployed in your environment.
  • Take a use case and the associated AI model from ideation to business integration as rapid PoC.
  • Learn and apply best practices with a real case that is core to your business.

What Deliverables Will We Give You?

We will explore the power of an AI CoE and align its capabilities with your business opportunities. Together, we will define your AI vision and strategy, we will bring to light your different current and future challenges and we will shape one to three use cases for Proof of Concept (PoC) implementation.

We will iteratively deliver on the cases envisioned and consistently refine our delivery and direction with your business, IT, and leadership stakeholders. You will receive code and artifacts, as well as one to three demo-ready AI CoE solutions deployed.

We will drive executive and technical readouts to facilitate PoC understanding and knowledge transfer covering demos, implementation, value assessments and future opportunities. You will be equipped to demonstrate value to your stakeholders and identify next steps for your AI CoE journey.

Our Approach in 4 Phases
  • Discovery & Assessment
    Interview across business, data science, IT, and operations (depending on your organizational chart) to assess your organizational AI capability, maturity, and opportunity. Assessment of “As is” possibilities and requirements. Discovery and brainstorming sessions to get to as many use cases as possible that matter to you and think about new ones.
  • Ideation, Prioritization & Roadmap
    Ideation sessions to identify high-ROI AI opportunities and use cases with short time to value. Definition of an AI strategy and vision for the company aligned with an implementation roadmap for the identified and prioritized high value AI opportunities together with the future ones.
  • Development & Testing of AI Models
    Collect, understand and analyze data. Incorporating notebooks, Auto ML and feature stores. Side-by-side development and testing of production-quality AI models with your data science team or on our side. Evaluate and train models for production and business integration.
  • Deployment & Integration
    Deployment of the selected high-ROI AI models and use cases and integration into your business environment to immediately deliver value. Integrate smart processes into your business. Monitor models for health and drift with automation and business processes.
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