HÉLIX: The Platform for Boosting the Real Economy and Security in B2B Business Transactions

SMEs often face many obstacles when starting their project. The processes to obtain financing usually take up to several weeks because the process of study and approval (or denial) of bills is not intuitive and slow, even, many times, only available to large companies.

Plain Concepts has developed Hélix, a cloud platform that performs all the paperwork immediately. This represents a radical change to the current situation, which translates into a qualitative and quantitative leap for many companies, especially SMEs. As a result, companies benefit from the possibility of obtaining financing in a much more efficient way and when they need it.

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It enables companies to carry out the whole process from start to finish: acquisition and signature of the contract; insurance and financing on an individual, integrated and digitised basis; compliance with the standards of legal and technical certainty that allow them to access a wider potential market, and with the guarantee of operating in a safe environment.
This platform, therefore, democratizes SMEs' access to financing and risk management tools, as well as the dynamisation of the real economy and the security of B2B business transactions.


A platform like Hélix, in addition to the software itself that made it possible, required a viable consortium with reference partners and a high impact on the SME market. At the very least, it had to be composed of an insurer, a financier and an operator. In fact, there could potentially be several companies of this nature in a private transaction marketplace.

Based on a completely new approach, Hélix manages, in a comprehensive way, the commercial risk transactions with clients, through the possibility of online contract of credit insurance by invoice, credit insurance by debtor, as well as direct access to working capital financing through Factoring. All this, automatically and instantaneously, in a single online transaction, based on predictive algorithms and historical behavior in payments of different debtors.

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To make this possible, Hélix relies on a simple, transparent and automated installation, like Plug & Play, supported by a step-by-step wizard that guides the customer to configure the system and start working with the platform. Thus, the connection to the accounting system, as well as to the bank accounts in read format, is automatically parameterized.

The next step is an initial screen with the Global Position of sales, collections and bank reconciliation. A selection of graphs and tables is shown here so that the user has a global view of the management. The platform then incorporates modules for the online contracting of Credit Insurance by invoice, credit insurance by debtor and financing via Factoring.

To ensure the traceability of the contracting process and use of these services, Blockchain technologies and online collection are used. In addition, Hélix is developed with a ``look & feel`` based on state-of-the-art frameworks that enable the best usability in multiple devices.

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The Hélix platform will have a major impact on the digital revolution of Industry 4.0, especially from the point of view of SMEs. It will maximize the liquidity of businesses, as they will have quick and guaranteed access to growth-enhancing credit. In addition, the risk of non-payment is minimized by securing invoices for transactions that may present a risk of recovery.

But these are not the only benefits of Hélix, because it will also achieve the generation of scientific knowledge related to the design of the Machine Learning algorithms necessary for the correct management of the critical operations of the platform.