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Suncapital: Cloud migration as a commitment to innovation

Suncapital is a pioneer in implementing innovative processes to help, through the union of technology and talent, companies that need to manage large volumes of assets, tasks, or information.

They pursue change, continuous improvement and advancement, overcoming limitations related to obsolete processes. Their results are reflected in the fact that, since 2017, they have been awarded the Innovative SME seal by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Economy, and Competitiveness.

Suncapital continues to upgrade, and has formalized a partnership agreement with Plain Concepts, leaders in Cloud and Microsoft, to make a migration to the cloud and thus continue to strengthen its security and availability.

Carlos Ortega, IT Directo at Suncapital

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Cloud Computing
Azure AD, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint
In this eagerness to explore solutions adapted to the new times and optimize costs and resources, they were looking for a technology partner to migrate to a cloud model. Therefore, they have trusted Plain Concepts to lay the necessary foundations to start with a Microsoft cloud environment.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to create a cloud environment in Azure that encompassed three main pillars: Microsoft 365, the infrastructure of the governance model, and the infrastructure of the Landing Zone.

For each part, we had to define the governance strategy, its overall configuration, and security, the management structure, the DevOps structure, etc.



On the one hand, the first part has focused on the Microsoft 365 part. Governance guidelines have been defined for Azure AD, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint Online; the general and security configuration of the tenant concerning the chosen licensing; to finish adopting the environment after analysis and planning, communication, training, monitoring, and reinforcement.

The second part has focused on the infrastructure governance model, where we have evaluated the status and needs of the customer, the structure of administration groups and subscriptions, standardization of resources to be deployed in Azure, cost management, configuration for the optimization and management of Azure, etc.

Finally, the following elements have been included in the design and deployment of the project's Landing Zone: governance (minimum resource groups, tags, recommended policies, cost management, etc.), networking (Hub & Spoke or Virtual WAN topology, virtual networks, and subnets, network security groups, pairing, routing tables, etc.).



We are in a changing environment, where companies of any size need to have all the information available from anywhere. Cloud computing provides access to data wherever required, with just an Internet connection.

Implementing this type of technology requires an investment, but cloud computing provides a return in terms of economic savings and progress that exceeds initial expectations. It also improves productivity and security by providing a secure environment in the cloud to host data.

This project has achieved just that, an innovative solution that optimizes procedures improves results, and enhances the security and quality of Suncapital's data.