Marta Timón

Ticket2Vec: NLP to Classify Customer Complaints and Detect Sexual Harrassment


30 minutes

For a company in the service industry, it is common to have thousands of daily requests for support. Answering these requests on time is crucial, especially for cases like harassment or violent behaviors. Here we present a real-life solution where we leverage natural language processing techniques to automatically classify those requests and facilitate their posterior processing, either by sending them to a priority queue or by triggering automation.


Marta Timón

Marta Timón

Data Scientist at Cabify

Marta Timon is a Data Scientist at Cabify. Her educational background includes a degree in Physics and a master in Computer Science. Throughout her career, she has been involved in a wide range of topics including optics, biomedical microtechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence. The main focus of her work in recent years has been to improve and automate processes in the customer experience area using natural language processing.

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