What if AI was your daughter?


30 minutes

AI is the new buzzword, everybody is talking about it and how it will change and influence our lives. When we talk about AI we talk about machines learning from data, exactly like a child is learning from his/her family or the experiences he/she makes. Humans though, while they grow up, can develop biases. Could this happen to an AI too? Starting from a real story, what would happen if a machine-learning algorithm learns from a toys catalog?


Guenda Sciancalepore

Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft

Guenda Sciancalepore is a Cloud Solution Architect (CSA). She works for Microsoft Western Europe, helping their partners in the development of innovative software and solutions related to AI in Azure.

He joined Microsoft three years ago, after graduating in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Trento. He also has a background in computer science.

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