Cybersecurity Assessment

Harness the power of Microsoft’s security suite. Begin your Cybersecurity Assessment journey to tailor-make a defense strategy that aligns with your unique business needs.

The Cybersecurity Assessment is designed to evaluate a customer’s cybersecurity posture and reduce their risk exposure by using advanced Microsoft Security products:

  • Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management.
  • Secure Score.
  • Microsoft Purview for Information Protection Content Explorer.
  • Insider Risk.

The Cybersecurity Assessment is delivered in the customer’s production environment by evaluating their current cybersecurity maturity level, discovering and addressing vulnerabilities on clients and servers, and understanding risk related to data security and insider threats. The Cybersecurity Assessment will provide recommendations and guidance on the next steps to improve their cybersecurity posture and reduce risk exposure based on the assessment findings.

Some of the activities that will be performed

  • Analyze the customers’ production environment and their current cybersecurity maturity level based on v8 of the CIS Critical Security Controls.
  • A vulnerability assessment using:
    • Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management
    • Microsoft Secure Score
  • A data security assessment using:
    • Microsoft Purview Information Protection Content Explorer
    • Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management Analytics
  • An optional Cloud Application discovery using Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • Provide recommendations and next steps:
    • Map the engagement findings to common threat scenarios, allowing the customer to see their cybersecurity maturity in relation to common cybersecurity threats.

Enhance, Assess, Defend:

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