User Training & Support

Spot Boston Dynamics

With our 5-Days Spot User Training & Support Workshop, we ensure Boston Dynamics Spot users can explode its possibilities to the maximum level quickly and start using the robot for their real projects as soon as possible.

We ensure that SPOT can be used as a lever for your business and bring to light all its possibilities and requirements. We conduct SPOT training and support activities throughout the organization to uncover and resolve potential and existing issues.

What is Spot user Training and Support?

Spot User Training & Support Workshop is a training program that includes exercises to improve product knowledge, conflict resolution, crisis management and more.

It is an iterative process that involves knowledge transfer, competency building, problem solving and best practices to better serve you and get the most value from Spot.

Boston Dynamics Spot, being a complex platform, requires a high level of specific knowledge from its users. A crucial factor for the successful integration of SPOT in your organization is, therefore, the rapid adoption and knowledge of use of the technology by your users. With our User Training Workshop, we create the optimal conditions for working productively with Spot.Accelerate your understanding on Boston Dynamics Spot. Ensure a clear vision and path on how best to get started based on your needs.

Outputs & Deliverables

Workshop content, session recordings, discussion summaries and presentation slides are made available to participants after the course.