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Mobile applications

Accelerate your innovation capacity and consolidate your positioning

The evolution of the business world is advancing at a dizzying pace thanks to the impulse technology provides in all areas. And in just a few decades, mobile applications have gone from being a disruptive element to an indispensable asset.

However, for many companies, complex environments, legacy systems, or the need for constant modernization are putting too much pressure on their IT team.

Accelerate your innovation capacity, create a sustainable technological scenario, and evolve your application suite through our comprehensive application service.

Our value proposition

We put at your disposal a powerful promotional tool with which you can establish a solid relationship with users and potential customers, access a broader market, raise awareness of your brand, and generate new opportunities for additional revenue.

In addition, thanks to our teams of UX/UI design, front-end, and mobile development, back-end, and specialists in disruptive actions, we develop projects with highly innovative and customized components for companies belonging to all sectors.

Cross-platform native applications

Get a cross-platform experience that meets the needs of your users, businesses, and verticals. You can access a wide range of cross-platform mobile apps and web experiences using many technologies (Xamarin, JavaScript, HTML5, Kotlin…), as well as responsive and adaptive techniques for websites.

You will have attractive and efficient applications for all sectors and platforms, such as Android, iOS, or Windows. This will give your customers the best user experience for any device, whether on smartphones, tablets, or desktops.

Hybrid applications

A hybrid app is a more economical option, as it runs most of its user interface in an integrated browser component; however, for users, the difference with a native one is almost imperceptible. Incorporating a hybrid app into your business will give you a robust, high-performance, multi-functional tool designed to be scalable and secure.

The app will have an intuitive design and interfaces adapted to specific users, thanks to exhaustive previous research and the application of User Experience principles. In addition, you will have a cloud infrastructure where connectivity, assurance, and management of the data necessary for its use and execution will be prioritized.

App modernization

If you don’t need a development from scratch because you already have your application, you can also access an application modernization service to become more agile and efficient.

In addition, we help your IT team reduce your apps’ operating costs and free them from the workload so they can focus on creating new solutions and tools.

App automation

You can make the most of the information available through geolocation and maps, IoT sensors, institutional databases, or CRM and ERP systems.

Introducing other technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality, or Blockchain enriches the information collected in the application, with which you will achieve user loyalty or be more innovative. This is essential to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Usability and design

Mobile app design services are crucial to your product development strategy. From ideation to finish, you need a team focused on creating a user-centric product that enhances brand image and strengthens the customer-company relationship.

Designing for mobile devices requires a complex approach from different business scenarios to create an experience that generates constant business value.

Benefit from a new iterative approach that takes into account the following:

  • Defining the results
  • The creation of user profiles based on extensive research
  • A scalable product roadmap

So you can quickly launch your proposal to market with an impactful and valuable product.

Consulting, mentoring, and training

If what you need is a service that helps to scale your team’s technical capabilities quickly, we adopt agile development methodologies and transfer our best practices in software development to improve their technical knowledge:

  • From end-to-end development and release
  • Flexible arrangements to meet particular needs such as:
    • Platform specialization
    • Mobile strategy
    • Project management, etc.

It was always based on customized, collaborative, and transparent solutions.

We also have a consulting service to advise you and help you choose the best solution. You will have a team that will accompany you during the analysis phase and throughout the process, allowing you to save time and resources.

Our approach: Technology without limits

  1. Consulting and coverage in all phases of the product.
  2. Periodic testing to guarantee maximum quality.
  3. Integration with all systems and disruptive technologies: ERP, CRM, Cloud, IoT, AI…
  4. Customized design and development.
  5. Reliability and continuous optimization.
  6. Guaranteed safety and compliance with all types of regulations.