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August 9, 2023

How to Accelerate Business Productivity with a Modern IT Infrastructure

As technology has become a fundamental part of our lives, there is a unique opportunity for companies to take advantage of new advances.

In fact, the future of many companies depends on how effectively they use these technologies, and the IT infrastructure is the biggest indicator for measuring their technological effectiveness. Does your company have a good infrastructure?

What is IT Infrastructure

A company’s IT infrastructure includes all the software, hardware, and network resources needed for operations, administration, etc. Therefore, successful companies seek a stable technological base, and their IT infrastructure is one of the fundamental factors determining their efforts’ success or failure.

A company should be asking itself not whether it has a good infrastructure but why and how it should be upgraded to achieve greater benefits.

Modernizing these infrastructures has several benefits in an enterprise network with near real-time response times and 24-hour business continuity.

Modernizing IT infrastructure

With technology trends changing rapidly, modern IT infrastructure is more hybrid, adaptable, and scalable. That is why companies that do not want to meet the new demands risk being left behind.

Some of the advantages of modernizing the IT infrastructure are:

  • To be at the forefront and face the competition with the best resources.
  • Meet ever-changing needs and serve a diverse customer base.
  • Help companies reach unlimited potential through limitless scalability.
  • They are optimized for the future and thus help to stay on top of the latest trends.
  • Having the most advanced tools increases productivity and business performance.
  • It gives a better experience with shorter response times and business continuity.
  • Empowers employees with the best services to do their jobs better.

To be successful, you need to involve all stakeholders, as it is not a problem to be solved by the IT department alone. It is a challenge for the entire organization, and having a clear strategy with full alignment encompassing all parties is crucial.

On the other hand, to understand what needs to be fixed, you must understand what is potentially broken. It is key to explore how the parties involved would like to run processes more efficiently or use data better through reporting and forecasting.

IT Infrastructure Management

A company’s IT infrastructure is the backbone it relies on to stay upright. As such, it greatly impacts the entire company structure, from management to employees, to customers.

Therefore, as the world of work becomes more demanding, companies must take their processes to a higher level at a technological level, which will also allow them to increase productivity.

Improving productivity

A modern IT infrastructure complements a company’s workforce in a number of ways to increase productivity:

  • Repetitive tasks can be performed much faster thanks to task automation, reducing costs and increasing productivity.
  • A modern IT infrastructure includes AI capabilities that are capable of making intelligent predictions and recommendations that aid in data-driven decision-making.
  • Thanks to Big Data, productivity trends can be tracked, and adjustments can be made accordingly.
  • Communication tools can also connect distributed teams to drive collaboration.

Thanks to modern IT infrastructure, employees no longer have to be in the same place to collaborate with each other. In a time of hybrid work, this is tremendously useful, as they can now have the necessary tools to communicate regardless of their place of work.

Geographical gaps are closed, and information can be organized in a more efficient way, saving time in searching for or accessing it.

IT Infrastructure Services

To meet the demands of an ever-changing and fast-paced business world, you must have a technology partner by your side to help you achieve your goals.

At Plain Concepts, we help you find the value in the cloud continuum and accompany you on your journey to become a digital enterprise supported by a modern and constantly evolving infrastructure.

We offer you strategies to accelerate the leap to the cloud; we design a multi-cloud architecture and migration of IT systems to the cloud, as well as modernize, automate, and protect your systems.

To do this, we put at your disposal:

  • Application and database modernization assessment: our architects will analyze your applications and architecture to ensure they meet your business needs while taking advantage of the cloud.
  • Identity, Governance, and Security Assessment: Access an in-depth access and identity management assessment with a complete gap analysis of access security in hybrid environments.
  • Data protection, privacy, and compliance assessment: ensure data compliance and gain control of information by protecting trade secrets or highly sensitive information.

If you want to achieve a modern and flexible IT infrastructure, do not hesitate to contact us, and our experts will help you on your journey.

Elena Canorea
Elena Canorea
Communications Lead