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ASSAF.E: The Future Data Strategy for the Farming Sector

Created in 2020, ASSAF.E is the National Association of Sheep Breeders of Assaf Breed. They manage the Program of Genetic Improvement of the breed, carrying out a constant improvement in the livestock belonging to the association and the Genealogical Book of the breed. Its goals are to ensure the purity of the breed, manage the Selection and Genetic Improvement program and promote the spread and expansion of the breed throughout the national and international territory, being present at the most important events in the livestock sector.


“Thanks to the development carried out by Plain Concepts we have managed to process automatically and instantaneously all the information and data coming from the ‘Genealogical Book’. With the new platform processes have been optimized, achieving a saving of time and costs that has resulted in an improvement in the user experience”. – Fernando Freire Fernández, Manager of ASSAF.E
Big Data
Azure, SQL Server, Powe BI, ASP.NET Core
The Genetic Selection Program of the Spanish Assaf Breed is based on the selection in purity of the animals from the results obtained in the genetic evaluations of the breeders and its main objective is to increase the economic profitability of the holdings employing this breed.
To manage the large amount of data of the program, ASSAF.E has relied on Plain Concepts to produce “Genealogical Book”, a platform that is capable of ingesting and transforming data from different processes in a programmed and automatic manner. We have opted for a data strategy in the cloud to facilitate the evolution of the application.


The previous application of the genealogical book did not allow users to navigate between the different sections after uploading a file to the platform, as they had to wait for it to be processed.

Therefore, a new application had to be created in which clients could upload import files instantaneously, being able to navigate between the different sections and doing searches.

Resultados Assaf


In order to avoid the need to hire evolutionary developers whenever you want to modify the representation of the data or incorporate new sections, we have opted for a data strategy using Azure Storage and Azure Data Factory. Thus, we have been able to create pipelines for the automation of the processing and transformation of data from different files with different formats.

Information visualization is available through a user-authenticated website, where embedded Power BI reports and graphs will be displayed to facilitate data comprehension and exploitation of results.



We have achieved an application based on a cloud data solution and it also has an application that allows users to use their account to access the portal and perform searches within the different sections, as well as import and export data. In addition, when data uploading and synchronization processes are completed, they are informed through web sockets-based real-time notifications.

This tool allows the export of filtered data by the user, in addition to a consumption of the data by means of analytical reports Power BI, depending on the volume and needs of the customer. This data model and measurement set provides the customer with visual reports that facilitate the compression of the data and its subsequent exploitation of the results, in addition to ensuring maximum security.