Magic Cam: Installation Guide & App Configuration

Installation guide

2. Click “Next” to go through the whole installation process, select the folder where you want to install the application and select “Install”.

Magic Cam Setup

*Please, be sure that applications that use the webcam or the microphone as Microsoft Teams or Zoom are not running.

Magic Cam install alert

3. Open the application. On the bottom right corner, you will see a configuration panel where you have to select your camera and your microphone.

Magic Cam Configuration

*Make sure you select the same camera and microphone that you use during your calls!

4. You can test the effects on the application before using them during a call. Simply select the desired effect and you will see it change on the application. To test the audio effects, simply select it and click on “Test audio”.

5. After installation, remember to set the windows default audio devices, because sometimes Windows selects new devices, and the MagicCam speaker may remain selected.

Magic Cam sound Configuration

App Configuration

1. Click on your account’s icon on the top right, then select Settings.

Settings MagicCamTeams

2. Go to Devices, under Audio devices select Custom Setup

3. Configure Plain Concepts MagicCam as your devices: Microphone and Camera

Magic Cam teams Video and Micro

1. Go to Settings > Audio Settings.

settings magic cam zoom

2. Select Plain Concepts MagicCam as your Microphone device.

magic cam audio zoom

3. Select Plain Concepts MagicCam as your Video device.

magic cam video zoom

1. Go to Settings

Settings Magic Cam Skype

2. Click on Settings and go to Audio & Video.

Configure Magic Cam Skype

3. Scroll down and change your Camera and Microphone to Plain Concepts MagicCam.

Camera Skype
Video Skype

1. Go to Settings.

Settings Discord

2. Select Voice and Video.

Voice and video discord

3. Select Voice Settings >Input Device > Microphone Plain Concepts MagicCam.

micro discord

4. Select Video Settings >Camera > Plain Concepts MagicCam as your devices.

camera discord

1. Go to Settings.

Settings magic cam google hangout

2. Select Vídeo & Microphone (Plain Concepts MagicCam).

Configure hagout