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Telefónica Movistar: Virtual Reality TV

During the Mobile World Congress 2018, Telefónica wanted to showcase a pilot project to demonstrate what it would be like to be able to watch Movistar multimedia content through Virtual Reality, taking another step towards what the television of the future would be like.

To do this, it was necessary to develop an application in which different users could share the same experience during the same session while they interact with each other.

Telefónica Movistar
Virtual Reality
To carry out this pilot, Plain Concepts' design and research teams joined forces to create a platform that can be used in different media and on different devices.
It was necessary to develop a space where users could access both public and private rooms, where there would be a synchronization of reproduction and communication by voice and expression. Another required aspect was the ability to control the lighting, create and personalize avatars, and visualize a panel with real-time filtered tweets which integrated with Facebook.
In addition, we created a Spectator Application, where an administrator could interact with all the visitors and give the pertinent indications for them to use the platform. This last feature was crucial to be able to showcase the demo during the MWC.


To create a platform that was supported by different devices, especially mobile devices, where there was intense work to be able to create graphics of the desired quality.
It was necessary to design and create avatars that could be personalized in Virtual Reality, with real expressions and movement, and that worked equally in all devices.
In addition, everything had a fully synchronized feed, so that all the attendees on the session were seeing everything at the same time, without any interruptions or delays.
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All these challenges were overcome thanks to Evergine, developed by Plain Concepts, which created a platform that was fully compatible with the main Virtual Reality platforms and devices at the moment such as Oculus Rift, Microsoft Mixed Reality, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Cardboard.
In the end, we achieved a totally immersive experience with a highly realistic environment, where the viewer can also consume advertising and additional content in a very interactive way, thanks to the Virtual Reality technology.
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Interactive television is moving towards digitalization in an unstoppable way. With the speed at which Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality equipment is evolving (more models are available on the market, they are more accessible and cheaper), we are not far from a future where space barriers disappear and they allow us to enjoy an afternoon on our sofa, enjoying a movie with our best friend who is 5,000km away.
Television platforms are in continuous evolution and yet they still struggle to stand out in the market, need to look for new ways to offer the user the best possible experience.