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The special effects your products are missing

Today, product launch events must be much more global and impactful. The audience demands to be that way. Differentiate yourself from the competition with these ideas:

Show your services by combining classic storytelling with the most disruptive technology. Create gamified and 3D experiences to dazzle your audience. Turn your product launch into an audiovisual show.

At Plain Concepts, we work every day with the most innovative technologies that are transforming the world.

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360° Images

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AI-powered effects

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Augmented/virtual reality (Holographic)

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Onstage and trade show experiences

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Live 3D interactive experiences

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Companion app demos & additional content

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Virtual Stage

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Storytelling with Tech

Delight your audiences using the most espectacular technologies

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Interactive Demo Experiences

The power of storytelling, applied to the digital environment

We have been telling stories since we lived in caves.

Today, these are adapted to the digital environment to present the demo of a product or service as if we were told a bedtime story.

Thanks to the power of stories, these demos will generate a wow-effect on your audience, who will immediately connect with your presentation.

What we offer in the Interactive Demo Experience

We apply storytelling to your presentation, static web pages, and desktop or phone applications.

We don’t just deliver the demo. We help you to build a 360 Storytelling tailored to your needs.

That is, we’ll start understanding your product story and purpose. Understanding your product before brainstorming on how to market it impressively is the very first step of our process to maximize the impact rates.

After coming up with the best ideas to market and showcase, we’ll help you to put everything together in storytelling before starting the development and supporting your team until the events, demos, or showcasing action finish.

Case studies: Azure Apps Demo Map

We developed the Azure Apps Demo Map presented in an internal Microsoft event, an interactive demo map that helps to understand the demo resources offered at the event.

a picture of azure apps demo map


Simple demos are ideal for keynotes and other company events at trade shows and events.

Live Experience

When you want to involve the audience in your event (and it ends with a smile)

On many occasions, it is not enough to show a web page or an application.

A live event gives veracity to your company’s products and allows the audience to interact with them, with the presenters, or with members of the company.

At Plain Concepts we know what to do to make your event fascinating thanks to interactivity: gamification, 360° images, and holograms are key to surprise.

What we offer in the Live Experience

We have extensive expertise in interactive technologies to develop your simple live demos:

  • Immersive technology: augmented and virtual reality. Our AR/VR development engine Evergine can create whatever you dream of: holograms, 360-degree images … An experience in which to introduce the audience.
  • Gamification. Games serve to better assimilate concepts and novelties through entertainment. congratulations to the winners!
  • We have extensive experience in the application of Virtual Stage, an event technology that uses artificial intelligence algorithms and Azure Kinect cameras to capture the image of the presenters and create the illusion of a television program and transfer it to a virtual stage.
    • Among the benefits of virtual events are cost and travel savings for speakers, the elimination of scheduling problems, or the rental of large spaces for the audience.

Reference applications for technical audiences

The application, from start to finish

If you want to showcase a full scenario end to end of how your product or service works to your developers, this option is for you.

We partner with you to launch a very complete demo, in which we design a fictitious (but at the same time real looking) case to impress your audience as if they were using your product at home.

What we offer in the reference applications
  • Interface with the most important screens: everything your audience needs to see, without fail.
  • Creation of a fictitious but functional database for the demo.
  • Possibility of 100% functional code for the event and to share at the end with the audience, if desired.

In short, we worked together to present a real life scenario using your with real functionalities, showing its possibilities and coolest features.

Case studies

Plain Concepts have developed product demos in the alpha and beta phase to show where the future of Microsoft technology is going.

In addition, we have collaborated with the Spanish television platform Movistar+ to create virtual home lounges in which to review content and interact with other users:


Again, this package is ideal for the most spectacular events and where there is the greatest desire to create a wow effect.

But it is also ideal for any public or private event where developers need to see how it all works.

Event demo

We know that preparing for a demo of this level can be stressful and that many questions can arise.

That’s why our Event Demo package includes any of the above options with an online or on-site support service:

  • Search for speakers and audience.
  • Preparation of the script taking advantage of all storytelling capabilities and aiming to achieve the wow effect.
  • Streaming technology.
  • And more things you need!

For cases like this, we have developed the Speaker Recorder app, which allows you to record a session with one or more Microsoft Azure Kinect devices. We help you with the configuration, the creation of a custom 3D background and the recording, as well as the editing of the final video.

At Plain Concepts, we are experts to execute these events and demos because:

  • We are agile and innovative in our proposals.
  • We prioritize content and are attentive to deadlines.
  • We integrate experiences from physical and online environments.
  • We have extensive experience in producing keynotes and reference applications.
  • We know how to improve engagement with your audience.

If you have another idea in mind, we would be happy to hear from you. We hope our technologies will fascinate your audience and make them think for a long time to come.

That’s why we adapt these ideas to your needs and add more. What do you need?

We are listening!
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