Microsoft 365

Remote lessons through Microsoft Teams

After the global confinement and state of emergency was declared in Spain due to the propagation of COVID-19, Plain Concepts set out to help the public schools in the Autonomous Community of Madrid, by enabling teachers and students to continue their education through remote classes via Microsoft Teams. To use Microsoft’s collaborative solutions to conduct classes and tutorials almost immediately, an environment for 670,000 students and 40,000 teachers was needed.

We have developed numerous scripts that have enabled the entire infrastructure to be deployed 400% faster than the usual tools. The environment brings together more than 700,000 users of Microsoft 365 divided into classes (groups of Teams according to each class) in which users can communicate and perform collaborative tasks.

Community of Madrid
Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams
Azure Cloud, PowerShell, Power Apps
The Community of Madrid had a variety of non-centralized collaboration solutions. Through this project, the client is now able to centralize all the activities, resources and functionalities under a single tool.
The implementation of this platform has increased the use of the Microsoft Cloud 365 by more than 700,000 users. In total, we have enabled collaboration between teachers and students in more than 2,400 schools in an unprecedented short time.


The biggest challenge was to deploy this environment in the shortest time possible. Thanks to our internal developments, we were able to deploy the environment 400% faster than with the default collaborative solutions, and implement this solution in less than a week, instead of over a month, unviable for the customer's needs. In addition, with the continuous debugging of the scripts, we achieved a minimal failure rate in account creation and class assignment of 0.007%.


``Due to COVID-19 and the impossibility for students to attend educational centers, the development of this new infrastructure by Plain Concepts has been key to being able to follow our training processes`` - David Cervera, Deputy General Director of Innovation and Training Programs, Ministry of Education and Youth of the Community of Madrid.


The scripts we built to automate user and class registration are extensible to any client, since they use the Azure and Teams connection modules from Microsoft.
``I want to thank Plain Concepts for the great work done with the education of the Community of Madrid. The effort has been worth it, and I am convinced that not only it will help us in this time of crisis we are living, but it will also give us a much more digital education and country.`` - Pilar López, Country General Manager at Microsoft