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February 13, 2023

Industry trends of 2023: ideas for all business departments

2023 is a very attractive year for companies that want to bet or are already getting the digitalization of their processes. The technologies we have heard about for so long continue to become more popular, and in these months, they will provide news of their possibilities in different areas.

New forms of artificial intelligence, research into the possibilities of the metaverse, and the launch of virtual and augmented reality helmets present a very attractive 2023 in terms of technological trends. We explain all the attractions and how they can be helpful to your company.

Major Industry trends

Decision-Making based on Artificial Intelligence

We have talked on many occasions in this blog about how deploying technology in different corporate areas contributes to making business decisions: a digital twin with which to visualize a construction and a data analysis of the possibilities of a new product… The expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) in many areas of business and creativity shows that it will continue to play an essential role in corporate decision-making. All that remains now is for the companies that have worked for it to continue to do so and for new ones to follow suit.

Thus, in industry, a digital twin helps to visualize where to place machines and workers on a production line to optimize space so that the company produces more, saves costs, or makes more profit.

In this sense, AIaaS may be one of the most buzzed-about artificial intelligence concepts during 2023. AIaaS (or artificial intelligence as a service) is the purchase of AI services or tools from a specialized company instead of developing them internally. This saves costs for this disruptive and exciting technology in companies’ future.


Likewise, the expansion of artificial intelligence means a significant push for task automation. AI streamlines processes that previously had to be performed manually or with more human labor. We have also discussed the advantages of automation for corporate processes: they reduce costs, speed up deadlines, and allow employees to do more creative tasks; with just a few ideas. 2023 may be a year in which this automation continues to expand.

Returning to the example of production lines, if these are equipped with IoT sensors, it is possible to know when workers are nearby to turn lights on and off or start machines, to give just a couple of examples.

Expansion of the IoT…

In short, the Internet of Things will become increasingly important as the digitization of environments (factories, offices, streets…) and automation become more popular. Sensors will collect more and more information which, processed with the artificial intelligence mentioned above, will be used to make corporate and administrative decisions: data will be used to improve life in cities through traffic management, pollution reduction, deployment of public facilities…

… and the metaverse

According to McKinsey, the metaverse is projected to add $5 trillion to the value of the global economy by 2030. Forbes magazine cites several metaverse trends for 2023 that apply to business and could help achieve this figure. They are already being implemented, so these twelve months would be a considerable boost.

For example, using the metaverse in marketing. The options are numerous, as it creates desirable and surprising experiences compared to traditional marketing actions.

Also, using the metaverse as a commercial or sales strategy. In it, prototypes of products and services are presented more quickly than in a physical environment and at a lower cost.

Thus, in the industrial field, the metaverse can be used for product testing or to promote the meeting of professionals at a lower cost than in factories, laboratories, or meeting rooms. And to achieve this success, the latest device announcements, discussed below, will make it easier.

More virtual and augmented reality headsets

The Oculus Quest and HoloLens will have new ‘companions’ in 2023. At the last Consumer Electronics Show CES, held in Las Vegas earlier this year, several large and small companies presented their virtual and augmented reality glasses models. In addition, Meta is already testing the Meta Quest Pro, and news of Apple’s augmented reality glasses is trickling out: perhaps in 2023, we will finally see a superior product from this company. HTC also presented a few months ago the XR Elite, which should be on sale later this year, and Sony has a virtual reality headset for its PlayStation 5.

Virtual and augmented reality experiences help brands to create more immersive and fun experiences about their products and services. The narratives they generate are interesting for marketing, communication, and product development departments. In addition, they can be used to visualize production plants remotely and observe what to repair or improve without traveling to them.

Engines powered by artificial intelligence

The end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 have been marked by ChatGPT3, an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that uses natural language to answer numerous topics with great accuracy.

Although ChatGPT3 has gained fame in recent months, other AI engines on the Internet provide this type of information. Another example is Perplexity, which also answers questions, and in its answers includes the sources of its answers as footnotes.

The industrial possibilities for these engines are extensive if you can integrate their API into your products. Options include, for example, analyzing conversations with customers to learn their opinions about the company, searching for information (time series, weather conditions…) for product testing, or generating source code.

In short, AI engines are ideal for a wide range of corporate tasks in the industrial sector, such as improving customer service, analyzing data to optimize the business, or automating processes.

There is no need to panic: the expansion of these engines would not end human work. It is convenient for a person to review the text or code generated by the machine.

When talking about artificial intelligence engines, we must also mention the machines that create images from a series of parameters. They had left such surprising viral selfies of groups of people from historical times when photography did not exist or pictures that seem to have been shot with a Polaroid camera at a party but that, in reality, have been generated by the software. This type of creativity can be used for corporate marketing actions; for example, in images for blogs, social networks, and newsletters…


2023 could be an interesting year for Web3 and the companies that apply it for marketing and archiving actions: tokenization of assets or documents and exclusive products for fans… On the other hand, blockchain technology can also create new payment platforms that streamline transactions between industries and stakeholders.


In short, technologies we consider ‘classics’ have much disruptive innovation for companies to learn from or be inspired by. We hope that these trends will help your corporation to continue to succeed.

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José Manuel Blanco
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