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MSFT Inspire | Plain Concepts Partner of the Year in Responsible AI and Finalist in AI and Data Analytics

As every year, Microsoft gathers its partners to reward their work during the last year, highlighting the best in various categories and areas of expertise.

We are very happy to share that Plain Concepts has been awarded Partner of the Year in Responsible AI and a finalist in AI, Data & Analytics, and Partner of the Year Spain categories.

The selection was made from thousands of entries, and Plain Concepts has stood out once again this year in the artificial intelligence and data categories. Last year we were already finalists in the global category of Best Partner of the Year in Artificial Intelligence, and this year we continue to stand out for the work done internally and with our customers.

The ceremony occurred during Microsoft Inspire, an event combining conferences, interactive workshops, demos, networking opportunities, and awards.

Responsible AI Partner

Plain Concepts’ approach to education and awareness of the ethical aspects and responsible use of AI is based on two main pillars: internal training and communication with our customers.

Internally, we provide regular training to our employees on the ethical aspects of AI, promoting a thorough understanding of the challenges and best practices in this area. Also on the legal and liability aspects of AI decision-making. In addition, we encourage participation in events around this topic.

With clients, we focus on education and advice, providing them with clear and accurate information on ethical aspects and responsible use, guiding them in making ethical decisions in their projects. In addition, we offer them different tools to better understand and know how the different developed algorithms respond.

With new legislative changes to regulate the use of AI, we have been adapting and further improving our practices. We are working closely with clients to assess changes in processes to collect new indicators or try to make the different processes involving AI as transparent as possible. We are also strengthening the legal aspects involved, especially in recent cases of generative AI and authorship of the results obtained by the models. And with an eye on the future so that whatever may come, we are prepared for it.

For all these reasons, Microsoft has been able to appreciate our work and has given us this important award.

AI Partner Finalist

In 2021 we were winners in this category, and in both 2022 and 2023, we are once again finalists for Best AI Partner of the Year in Spain.

This award recognizes the best Microsoft partner of the year in designing and developing customer-centric solutions and using Azure AI. Our AI applications have been focused on creating “smart” solutions and applying this technology in all kinds of fields, such as social, medical, industrial, retail, etc.

Some of the projects presented for this category were:

  • For GECA, Grup Mediapro, we have developed an automated prediction service through Machine Learning and Azure services to improve conversion rates and know the behavior of consumers in advance.
  • A video system that covers an improvement in the management processes of video surveillance devices, seeking to improve efficiency and optimization of the costs generated by the provisioning, updating, and operation of this type of system. This has made it possible to access the cameras from an app and a website, receive intelligent alarms, control the transit of people with AI, or access the recordings in real-time.
  • We have helped a City Council in the development of an AI center that lays the foundations of a tool that automates the processes and services of the council in a secure and efficient way based on Azure, OpenAI, and Agile management.

Data & Analytics Finalist

2023 is proving to be a very special year for the Plain Concepts Data team, as we were recently recognized as one of the Top 10 “Best Big Data Consultancy and Service Providers” in Europe, and now comes yet another accolade.

One of the reasons for reaching this category is Plain Concepts’ ability to generate a value chain with the large amounts of our clients’ data that they don’t know how to leverage, thanks to the help of cloud computing, AI, or Machine Learning. We transform data into useful information, helping clients to embed a strong data culture and thus evolve their business.

Partner of the Year Spain Finalists

We also made it to the final of the best Partner of the Year in Spain thanks to a year full of new certifications, events aimed at the technical and business community, our commitment to the Partner Pledge, relevant projects for our customer network, great work in cybersecurity and technological innovation and being pioneers in working with generative AI.

Microsoft Inspire 2023

The Microsoft event brought together more than 400,000 partners from around the world to share the latest innovations and programs for leveraging the benefits of the cloud, AI, and enterprise applications.

This year’s event focused on the transformative role of AI at the enterprise level and took the opportunity to unveil new solutions.

Bing Chat Enterprise

Since the launch of the new Bing just a few months ago, Microsoft has received feedback from many customers who want to equip their organizations with new AI tools but are concerned about protection.

Bing Chat Enterprise offers an AI-powered chat solution for the workplace with full security and data protection. What goes in and out of the organization remains protected and gives customers managed access to better answers, greater efficiency, and new forms of creativity.

Microsoft Sales Copilot

More features have been added to this service directly within Dynamics 365 Sales, including AI-generated opportunity summaries, contextualized email drafts, and meeting preparation.

Enables sales reps to be more productive and close more deals with CRM task automation, real-time actionable insights, and AI-assisted content and recommendations to personalize customer interactions at scale.

Power Automate Process Mining

Many companies struggle to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in their workflows. Now Power Automate Process Mining offers customers key information to optimize existing processes and improve efficiency through automation with low code.

More availability of Azure OpenAI

The availability of the Azure OpenAI service has been expanded to serve more and more organizations worldwide. More than 4,500 customers are already benefiting from this solution, and availability has been increased in North America and Europe and introduced in Asia.

At Plain Concepts, we provide you with a unique framework to successfully implement Azure OpenAI in your business and find the use cases that best suit your needs, always ensuring the security of your data.


We would also like to congratulate the other winners and finalists of these awards and thank Microsoft for recognizing the great work of the Plain Concepts team and look forward to Microsoft Inspire 2024!

Elena Canorea
Elena Canorea
Communications Lead